Red to be Blue are action agents for radical sustainability achievements. For enterprises and organisations. Start ups and existing companies. For initiatives, cooperatives, cities or regions. For products, processes and services. We create entrepreneurial solutions according to the principles of ‘the blue economy’; no negative impact on the environment and maximum positive impact on society.

The blue economy

Have a look at this short video for a clear ‘explanation’.

World Improving Entrepeneurs

WIERed to be Blue wants to beat the ‘grey’ economy in every aspect. And in doing so we will go beyond the ‘green’ economy. Together with our customers and partners we are aiming to make the leapfrog to a cleaner world, demanding less resources, more social and more fun. We go from social responsibility to World Improving Entrepreneurship.


We act as boosters and stage directors. Involving all talents –within and from outside our network- who can contribute. Including technology, organisational power, creativity, cooperative entrepreneurship and financing. We always commit ourselves to results and participate where possible.

We are rational optimists who go beyond imagination. We often choose for surprising routes because we know we can be different en can do better. Please have high demands and expectations. We just like that!